Our Company

Executive Benefits of New York (EBNY) is a family-owned financial planning firm and insurance brokerage that provides a one-stop-shop for both businesses and individuals looking for financial direction and insurance advice.

We are a family team that provides custom services to each of our clients. By having a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) on staff along with a Group Benefits Associate (GBA), we bring the convenience of addressing all employee benefits and business insurance needs under one roof. This allows our clients to eliminate the need for several brokers, saving both time and money. We pride ourselves in the quality of our customer service and are constantly looking for ways to improve it. As an independent firm, we do not have to fulfill any quotas or minimums, which allows us to provide our clients with the greatest level of attention and satisfaction.

Due to our size and industry expertise, we are able to offer very competitive insurance rates for businesses and individuals that suit their distinct requests. Our partners proudly work with top rated carriers to offer a wide range of options to align with the wishes of our clients. We gladly offer our services to any business, no matter its size or industry.