Our Clients

Financial Planning NYC - Certified Financial Planner - Retirement Planning NYC
At EBNY, we recognize that each of our client groups is unique with different investment and insurance goals as well as financial capacity. Our wide array of clients has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge in various fields to address the particular needs of each group or individual. As a result we offer services to businesses, organizations, institutions, non-profits, and individuals.


When consulting with businesses, we often find that many companies are unaware of the benefits that can be offered to their employees at a low cost. We work closely with businesses to cover their insurance needs, whether they are to protect the business itself or the individuals who help run it.  We also offer retirement planning for employees based on each group’s financial capacities and can provide corporate money management services as well. Here at EBNY we keep the client’s best interest in mind by staying up-to-date on all the new changes in healthcare reform such as Obamacare and Medicare options. This allows us to provide the best alternatives for groups. We are a certified Small Business Health Options (SHOP) brokerage firm and can offer insurance on the business side as well.


Having a Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®) on our team allows us to confidently work with many individuals who are concerned about their long term goals such as paying off debts, planning for retirement and safely investing their money. We do not have one specific strategy for all clients, but rather look at different variables such as age, degree of financial stability and degree of risk aversion so we can devise a custom plan of action. Our expertise in retirement strategies and other investment products has allowed us to provide options catered to each client’s distinct long term goals to ensure financial stability.


Many families that come to us are concerned with building wealth, retirement concerns, children’s college costs, debt issues, and life insurance options.  We offer well-rounded financial planning to address the concerns and needs of families as well as investment and retirement advice for the future. We work with all major life insurance carriers to provide the most affordable premiums for parents. In order to ensure that college funding is prioritized, we offer different 529 Plan options to help families afford the higher education of their children. As parents ourselves, we understand the major concerns that come with providing for children and can structure a plan to fit the profile of each household.

Married Couples and Domestic Partners

Getting married is a major milestone in one’s life, and recognition of financial changes is necessary. Recently married couples often do not understand the financial implications that marriage brings, but we gladly work to clarify any discrepancies and get them started on the right path to a prosperous future. EBNY also works with domestic partners and same-sex married couples to clarify any concerns about the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that was recently struck down, which affects financial options for gay and lesbian married couples.