Q: What are the benefits of having an independent broker?

As independent brokers, we at EBNY can show clients the best of the best in the securities world and the most up-to-date quotes in the insurance space. We can shop around and show you the best of what the markets have to offer. We have no quotas to meet, there is no up-selling, and no 800 numbers to call. We will always be your first call.

Q: What type of clients do you deal with?

We have a very diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to corporations. EBNY helps clients over a wide range of industries, and in a wide range of services, from wealth and retirement planning to insurance services, like medical and business insurance for owners.

Q: What fees do you charge for this service?

We work in two different capacities. We are paid by the companies that we place your business with or we are compensated directly as consultants. The method of compensation is always fully disclosed to you. Either way, the initial consultation is always free.

Q: Why should I use a financial planner?

The financial world is very complex, and having a trusted financial planner on board is critical to making good financial choices. Developing financial plans require a deep knowledge of the financial world, as well as being well versed in legal and tax issues while being able to maintain an objective point of view. At EBNY Financial, we have accumulated over 25 years of financial knowledge and experience, and with a Certified Financial Planner™, we are able to maintain our high standards in financial planning.

Q: Can you save me money on insurance?

EBNY Insurance Services has open access to every market and insurance carrier out there. We perform annual reviews of each provider to ensure sound business practices and competitive rates. We are not a captive agency, nor do we have sales quotas. We strive to find our clients the best pricing on the market – often beating even the state-endorsed insurance plans. We can also save you money by streamlining all of your insurance and employee benefits needs under one roof with the range of tech services we offer.