Executive Benefits of New York

We are a leading independent financial planning firm and all-lines insurance brokerage.

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Our Company

EBNY is a family-owned financial planning firm and insurance brokerage that provides a one-stop-shop for both businesses and individuals looking for financial direction and insurance advice.

Our Services

EBNY Financial is dedicated to providing sound and objective financial services and insurance coverage for New York.  Each of our services are custom-designed and tailored specifically to address the unique needs of our clients, no matter their size.

Financial Services

We act as fiduciaries for our clients and our primary goal is to create and preserve wealth by providing comprehensive investment advice to clients of all sizes.

Insurance Brokerage

We are dedicated to bringing top quality insurance solutions to our clients and help them cut costs and streamline their benefits process, all while increasing their benefit received

Meet Our Partners

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and are constantly looking to improve. At EBNY, we regularly update our clients on new regulations and plans that may better address their changing needs. As an independent firm, we do not have to fulfill any quotas or minimums, providing our clients with the greatest level of satisfaction.

Kevin Kautzmann, CFP®

Kyle J. Kautzmann, GBA